Pets on Glass

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Note: All of our work is professionally created, one at a time - no 'factory output'.
Please be patient. If you provide your email address as requested, we will keep you
 up to date and let you know when your order has been shipped.
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1. Find a favorite picture of your pet(s)
Put pet's name on back of picture (Artist will only use your pet's picture so people,
background, etc. won't matter) If picture has 'red eye', what is pet's correct eye color?__

2. Your Name: ________________________
Street/shipping address:_______________________
City: _________________ State: _________ Zip: _______
Email address:_______________ [So we can let you know when your glass has been shipped.]

3. Choose Stained glass edge color:

__Artists choose best match








__Clear with snowflake pattern



Other color: We'll match
it if we can! _________

4. Write check for payment

(Payable to Gary Shepherd)

cost ea

amount enclosed

A) Pets on Glass (4" picture, 6" overall):


$ _____

B) Pets on Glass (6" picture, 9" overall):


$ _____

C) Pets on Glass (8" picture, 11" overall):


$ _____

D) Pets on Glass (12" picture, 16" overall):


$ _____

Shipping: A)$10 B)$14 C)$18 D)$22


$ _____

(NM only) add tax: A)$5.16 B)$7.49  C)$9.83



$ _____



$ ________




5. Mail this form, your check & pet's picture to:
Shepherd Design Associates
740 Parkside Dr. NE
, NM 87123

Our Email and phone:
(505) 296-1238

Your Pet's picture will be returned to you with your stained glass.