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your Pets on Glass Gift Certificate(s).

We will return the gift certificate for you to present to the recipient and an order form
that the recipient can return with the pet's picture to have the Pets on Glass created
and shipped back to them.

1. Your Name: ________________________
Mailing address:_______________________
City: _________________ State: _________ Zip: _______
Email address:_______________ [if you want us to email you when your certificate
has been sent]
Recipient's name (if you want it printed on the certificate we mail you)

2. Write check for payment

(Payable to Gary Shepherd)

cost ea

amount enclosed

A) Pets on Glass (4" picture, 6" overall):


$ _____

B) Pets on Glass (8" picture, 11" overall):


$ _____

C) Pets on Glass (12" picture, 16" overall):


$ _____

Shipping: A)$8 B)$10 C)$12


$ _____

(NM only) add tax: A)$3.20  B)$5.52 C)$7.85


$ _____



$ ________


3. Mail this form and your check to:
Shepherd Design Associates
740 Parkside Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Our Email and phone:
(505) 296-1238


We appreciate the opportunity
to serve you