Order Form
See the web site for sample pictures!

Note: All of our work is professionally created, one at a time - no 'factory output'. Please be patient. If you provide your email address as requested, we will keep you up to date & let you know when your order has been shipped. (Select "Print" in your browser to print this form.)

1. Your Name: ________________________
Street/shipping address:_______________________
City: _________________ State: _________ Zip: _______
Email address:_______________ [So we can let you know when your
glass is ready for pickup (Albuq.) or when it has been shipped.]
Phone number (Albuq. only, to call for pickup) _________

2. "Flowers in Glass" (if several are ordered, put the number desired by each color)
Choose Stained glass edge color – flowers will be chosen to match:

__Artist's choice __Aqua __Pink __Purple
__Blue __Orange __Red __Yellow
__Clear with snowflake pattern __White __Lavender Other color: We'll match
it if we can!

3. Etched Bevels (clear glass, beveled edge, etched with design chosen)
(if several are ordered, put the number desired by each design name & indicate desired
stained glass edge color by each- choose color from list in 2. above)

Etching: __Mountain scene Stained glass edge color __________
__Cardinal Stained glass edge color __________
__ Humming bird/flower Stained glass edge color __________
__ Rose Stained glass edge color __________

4. Write check for payment

(Payable to Gary Shepherd) number cost ea amount enclosed
Flowers in Glass _____ $32.00 $ _____
Etched Bevels _____ $30.00 $ _____
TAX (NM only, $1.80 per piece ordered): $ _____
Shipping (if used):
(1 glass- $8.00, add $3 for each additional glass ordered) $ _____

5. Mail this form, and your check to:
Shepherd Design Associates
740 Parkside Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Our Email and phone:
(505) 296-1238

We appreciate the opportunity to bring
the beauty of handmade stained glass
art into your home or office.